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Just some of the feedback we are receiving from our clients:

Some of the feedback we are receiving.....

Improved Sleep....
I had two sessions and I tell you I felt really great the day after. I have always had a problem sleeping at night, even as a child I used to lay awake for hours before I could fall off to sleep. After my second session, I went to bed at my usual time…I switched the television off and I swear, before the screen went blank I was gone. AND I didn't wake again until 7:00 a.m. This has never happened to me before, because I always wake up several times throughout the night. Got up at 8:30 a.m. and then the next night I slept so well I was up at 8:00 a.m. Feeling bright still, in spite of the snow and ice storms.”  Aelish Q. Freeport, IL

"My sessions have definitely been restorative and have helped me regain a normal sleep pattern.  I have had difficulty sleeping for quite a while, even with various sleep aids. Now when I go bed, as soon as my head hits my pillow  I fall asleep.  I am not wired and restless, no drama.  And in the morning, I am not dragging myself out of bed.  I wake naturally and feel rested." Sharon G. Deerfield

 Relaxed, Refreshed and Younger Looking...
"I had two sessions before going on a two week trip overseas.  I felt so relaxed and refreshed after each session.  When I returned from the trip I was having major jet lag.  I had another session and that night I slept like a baby.  I also noticed the next morning that the wrinkles in my face had lessened.  I thought it was my imagination, but my friends noticed it too.  I'm so impressed I'm hoping to bring the equipment to a facility in my city so I can have sessions on a regular basis." Toni.R. Virgina Beach, Va

Deep Sense of Peace...
I can’t believe how relaxed I feel. I just can’t believe it.  Inside of myself, I feel so relaxed. Usually I feel jumpy. I just feel like everything is at peace.  It’s unbelievable.  It’s like nothing I have ever experienced. LaVerne.Z. Barrington, IL

Improved Thinking....
“A couple of days after my first session I noticed I felt 12 years younger, and then a gentlemen said I guessed my age to be 46 (14 years younger)! I am thinking clearer and easier, I am more confident and I am now tackling projects that previously I felt too overwhelmed to even start.  I have wanted do these projects for years.”  Linda M. Northbrook, IL

Decreased Pain and Increased Energy....
“I am a 74-year-old lady who has had an increasingly difficult time during the past four years with osteoarthritis in my back, neck, knees, and ankles. My latest problem was that the arthritis in my neck was causing my left arm and hand to become numb 30% to 40% of the time. I went to an orthopedic surgeon who said my symptoms might be helped with a steroid shot, but that would only be a temporary band aid. Surgery might help. I came away feeling quite depressed. Even if surgery would help my neck problem, the rest of my body was still a problem and would most likely get worse over time.”

“After my first two light therapy sessions, all my numbness in my arm and hand has disappeared. I was able to do two continuous hours of housework for the first time in years without being in pain afterwards. Ordinarily I have to rest for a while before beginning to do more work. After the housework, I went to an art show with a friend, something I would not usually have been able to do after housework. I seem to have more energy in general. Needless to say, I am both very grateful and very hopeful. Thanks again.” Anne P. Lake Bluff, IL 

Mood Elevation...

"WOW! The light therapy is so helpful each time I have a session.  It lifts my mood into the clouds. So thank you for allowing me to have these sessions. I appreciate them so much. Anonymous, Northbrook, IL

 Improved Vision....
After my first session, I stayed in the area to have dinner with friends. I drove home, an hour an half away, with no problems or strain. I realized I could see much more easily – after years of poor night vision and white knuckle driving.  I had heard about the benefits from my friends, to my surprise, it's helping my eyesight. Thank you!
Mary B, Elburn IL 



The following before and after photos illustrate the dramatic skin rejuvenation effects clients are enjoying from phototherapy sessions.


"I am seventy years old and am amazed at the results after only 8 half-hour sessions. I felt relaxed, yet had an increased energy which lasted for days."

Nancy T. after 8 sessions



"I could really feel the light relaxing me. I noticed a new freshness in my face. I look brighter and have more energy. My eyes are more open, more relaxed."

Nancy S. after 2 sessions



"Fifteen minutes into the session I became very relaxed, it very quickly put me into a deep state of relaxation. My friends have noticed a difference in my face."

Adora D. after 5 sessions



"I really believe in this light therapy product! Each time I finished with the half hour treatment I felt very refreshed and relaxed. It is very soothing to the soul."

Heidi A. after 4 sessions


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